1.  Recommend mixing in blue and pink cards and shuffling the deck for balanced game.
  2. Find who has had sex most recently. This is the first player to draw a card and players draw clockwise the rest of the game.
  1. Each card has a question at the top and directions at the bottom. Pay close attention to the bottom because some cards allow you to skip yourself and make other players answer the question. While others require you to answer first and then choose another player to answer too.
  2. If any player refuses to answer a question, they must take a shot. Be honest and open because if anyone thinks you’re holding back or not telling the truth they can yell out, “Keep It A Buck”! This is the bullshit flag, and it requires you to poll the group. If you’re not convincing, you’ll take two shots as a penalty.
  3. Pink cards with a kiss at the top are safe cards used to kickstart great conversations. Blue cards with devil horns at the top are sexy cards that require you to answer and even act out wild questions.
  4. Have fun! No slut shaming, no judging, no uptight behavior is allowed. This game is for the sexually liberated… or those hoping to be.
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